Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter and Spring 2011 in Melbourne a whistlestop tour

It wouldnt best Christmas without a tree!

We went to a market in melbourne and the wine glass serviced with my fresh fish lunch was the size of my head!

 (the way all good wine glasses should be of course)

Sue came to visit in November, and she had a ball.  I love this picture of them fooling around at the water feature on  Swanson Street

Ahhh...mummy and her son.  Dont worry Sue, i will get you a copy of these pitures

This is us all doing an impression of Stefan P's trendy glasses.  We replicated them ourselves using breakfast cereal boxes....he got a surprise when he walked in!

Sam the parrot whisperer. On the way to the Great Ocean Road one Spring day 

God help us all.....Blenheims finest..... Sam and Kamahl at Ben and Stefs BBQ  lapping up the first few weeks of summer



Winter AFL at the MCG... huge!!!  This is Stefan and Tai enjoying the game

Dromona, Mornington Pennisular September 14th 2011, Winter and Sams Birthday we took a stroll down the beach

this one wont make sense to some of you but it is Ruby Bays famous Lemonade Lemon....... right here for sale in MELBS!!

Stef playing safe in the sun..... what can i say.... teachers a just so sensible!!

I loved this day.  Me sam and Josh drove down the start of the Great Ocean Road and stopped here for lunch. It was winter but the sun was out and it was balmy warm.......cant wait to revisit the affectionately renamed Cumberland sausage camp ground!

One of my favorite parks just down the road from me in Carlton Gardens Melbourne

Emma and Paul came over to stay and we went for a picnic at Sugarloaf reservoir

And Carlton Gardens again.... i love this fountain it reminds me  of Italy  

this BBQ took about 4 hours to assemble and is soooo huge it looks like some sort of crematorium!!!  Bloody Aussies, have to be one bigger and better!.

I know, i know, it has been a while but we have been busy here in Melbs.  So i have posted a collection of Winter and Spring photos for your perusal........ it may look like i am having fun but i still miss you all far too much xxx

Monday, April 11, 2011

Settling in

I thought i would put up a few snaps of our new pad and Melbourne City. This is Sam on our balcony.  You can see the city in the background.

A few shots of the city , South side by the Yarra river.
 and most of all...MY BED  !!!!!  At last i have a bed........no more vans, spare rooms, blow up mattresses..... tents  just my own bed- thank God!


So we finally arrived in Melbourne.  It seemed weird after the peace and tranquility of NZ. Things seemed strangely familiar and it was great to rediscover some of our favorite places.

Photos of the flat will follow, but these are some snaps of the 1920's party we went to recently...great fun!!

 This one looks so authentic,Stef and a 1920's swimmer.
 There was a 3 peice 20's jazz band who were amazing.
 Golf anyone?
 Stef, me and Sam looking all gangster

 Monnie, Simone and crew looking fabulous
 Me with a sneaky cocktail.

.and one of my better shots, thanks to the glass hiding my face!! Opps another cocktail!!

the boys- reunited. What a great night, and oh, how i enjoyed climbing into my beddies!

One for Neil, Emma and Sue

So Sam couldn't resist having a go on the Picton train that he went on as a child...... we did this just before we left..

Family events

As we were preparing to leave, we had a few great BBQ's and family gatherings. It was great to see everyone...even though my own family were missing!!  Thanks to everyone who had us for a stay.  It was fab to catch up.

"The one with the donkeys on the beach"

We had a lovely day out with Sue and Gary's donkey on the beach at Otaki...the photos are hilarious. We started off being introduced to the donkeys. This is Sue and Andrew (Gary's son).

 and we were off.....

We hit the beach and the donkeys were right at home.

 It was a scorching hot day!  Sam did a great job.
 Sue decided to take the donkey for a test ride.... it was the donkey's first ride it was really funny to watch....

 And she is on!!

 Well done Sue....a great attempt.  
 I love this photo, Sam and his mummy obviously loved hanging out.  We headed off to the Waikane river for a swim to cool off.

 Poser!!  And another one bleow....look how clear the water is... amazing.



Waihikie Island NZ

Sorry that it has taken so long, but we have been without the internet since our arrival.  We have a new flat, new jobs and the internet at long last!! Before we left we went to visit friends who live on Waihikie Island ( a small island off off the mainland of Auckland).  It was more stunning than we imagined and we had great company in Jess and the Dr.  So, there was some drinking....  and obviously that meant wearing hats!

We also headed out into the bush

  to hunt rabbits in the vineyards.... the scenery was amazing and it was a real taste of rural life  (sorry vegetarians!!!). Nice Rabbit impression Sam!

 Rob and Sam quietly stalk the rabbits through the vineyard
 Jess is there to provide Wellington chic and advice

.Then Sam had a go...watch out!

.Then we walked along one of the beaches as the sun came down, looking for seafood on the beach.  It was just amazing...even though we hit the island in the middle of a storm.


Then we left back to say goodbye to Sue and Gary....