Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A few updates

So, it has been a while and we have been busy moving house, welcoming Dave and Vix and getting our schnizle sorted. We also bought a house in Nelson, NZ.  All in all it has been a very busy few months.  We also treated ourselves to a new commence the new photos.....

Sam is busy being intermellectual, as usual.

A winters day and we had our sunday breakfast outside! It was a bit cool...but it's winter.

Sam looks like he got the sunny side of the table!

Amber popped into the black Cat for a Chai one afternoon

This was a pasta stall at Victoria Market.....yummo

Then we had a stroll in the park...still winter (mum i thought you would like the leaves!)

Then i took the new camera for a spin and pictured these Birds of Paradise in the park.

This weekend we had a Winter outing to Heide, in the city.  There was a sculpture walk and i got to wear my new coat (very Sherlock Holmes).

Josh was the designated driver for the day- look how much fun he is having.

Not quiet daffodil weekend, but they grow hear too-in winter!Just the right temperature i guess

This is the old cottage Heide I, it is now a modern art gallery and kitchen garden for the cafe close by. Dave, Vix, Josh and Sam are in the background.

Sam will try to claim this photo...but i think i took it!

New photos and stories to stay tuned in.  Missing you all but i am hoping that some visits can be sorted very soon.  M xx