Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I thought i would bore you all with some photos of the last few months...feel free to switch off and log out guilt free!  The last few months have brought: travel to NZ, working on our house in Nelson, visiting Sam's family, Sue's 60th, and the announcement that me and sam are 21 weeks here are the photo updates...........

Sam smokes a celebratory pregnancy test in recognition of his effort and contribution to the good news 

This is happy (before the morning sickness kicks !!!)

Amber and me tell each other we are pregnant..... a month apart!

Me feeling sick at about 9 weeks i think
Still feeling sick at about 12 weeks

We went to NZ for Sue's 60th and she got a make over before her birthday dinner......
We got some time  with Niahm and Isla with Bridget playing at the wharf in Mapua

Mapua on a sunny morning when we had a lunch and some down time
It looks horrible i know!

A chance to tell the family about the 13 week scan- Neil (Sam's dad) was interrupted at school 

13 week scan in NZ
And we were able to tell Trish and Mick the news too

We stayed with Emma (Sam's sister) and helped her put her cot together- she is due in January- men at work

Sam's birthday breakfast and a farewell to winter

Sam got a new desk which he loves... how long will it stay this tidy!

Sue's 60th dinner- a lovely family picture.  Look how lovely Sue looks

I love this one,,,sums it all up really

Here they are on their best behaviour

Emma looking gorgeous 

This is me and baby girl at 21 weeks after me, sam and his dad decorated the nursery- my bum is expanding in line
with my belly i am a weeble 

And here she it at the 20 week scan chilling out 
 So as you can see, it has been pretty busy. So until the next time folks......