Monday, April 11, 2011

"The one with the donkeys on the beach"

We had a lovely day out with Sue and Gary's donkey on the beach at Otaki...the photos are hilarious. We started off being introduced to the donkeys. This is Sue and Andrew (Gary's son).

 and we were off.....

We hit the beach and the donkeys were right at home.

 It was a scorching hot day!  Sam did a great job.
 Sue decided to take the donkey for a test ride.... it was the donkey's first ride it was really funny to watch....

 And she is on!!

 Well done Sue....a great attempt.  
 I love this photo, Sam and his mummy obviously loved hanging out.  We headed off to the Waikane river for a swim to cool off.

 Poser!!  And another one bleow....look how clear the water is... amazing.



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