Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to Isla Elizabeth Chalmers

A huge welcome to Isla, born on 9th February.  She is a very much anticipated member of the family and we adore her.  Well done Neil and Bridget and don't worry Niamh...we still love you very much too  xx

Farewell Spit and Wharariki Beach

These pictures say it all.  An exceptional beach- not a swimming beach, more of a beach to be in awe of as you wander along it;s long sandy stretches and hide in the caves.  I think the lads look like the 3 Wise men carrying gold, frankincense and Myrrh!! 
the adventure starts here.....

great enthusiasm Anna!

Sam treks the track

and then you pop out here...wow!

we 3 kings of Orients are...la, la, la....

The sand was whipping up at this wild wild beach  (Wharariki)

Follow the yonder star, ah.......star of wonder, star of night, star with burning beauty bright...la,la,la,la

Rob's Arab hat came in very handy

and the wind blew in, but i didn't mind 

I love this shot, everyone is collectively having their own moment....

Further Kiwi Adventures in Golden Bay (Split Apple Rock and Patons Rock)

On a mean and moody evening, Dave, Vix, Doddy, Rob and Anna and Sam and Me hit Split Apple Rock 
 Then onto Patons Rock as the sun started to set.  It was spectacular under the grey cloud , with low cloud clinging to the tree tops it looked really magical.
 Anna and Vix dug into the shallows for Tua Tua (shell fish) for tea
 Vix got freaked out by what else may be hiding in the sand!
 So we fished and searched for muscles.


So moody!

Are these big enough?

This place was so beautiful

The next day (after a seafood feast) we went river swimming in crystal clear water.  It was the most amazing swim i have had to date.

well i did say clear water- see for yourself.  The best thing was the Bush all around and the sound of birds in the trees.

Prue and Dennis get hitched

So, one wedding down, a second to go!  We went on a 3 day camping trip near Nelson.  It was a fantastic wedding and a very fun few days..... it was great to see some of the old London crew who flew over and we wish the happy couple all the very best of luck in their new adventure- rock on Beamers!
setting up camp and catching up

the English "Roses" keeping cool on a bloody hot day!

waiting for the bride- sitting on hay bales

The excitement is tooooo much for Doddy and Jez!

a Prue style enterance

Tess amd Caroline (below) looked sensational too

Luckily, Caroline has just survived the Christchurch earthquake- what a relief, we are so glad to hear that you and Spratty are alive and well

here she comes....

the "celebrant" was great!

did i mention the after ceremony drinks......?!

Jez taking it easy in one of the hammocks

The Blenheim boys and a splattering of Dunedin crew

and the next day spirits were still high but it was hot hot hot!!  Thanks for a great few days Prue and Dennis