Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Further Kiwi Adventures in Golden Bay (Split Apple Rock and Patons Rock)

On a mean and moody evening, Dave, Vix, Doddy, Rob and Anna and Sam and Me hit Split Apple Rock 
 Then onto Patons Rock as the sun started to set.  It was spectacular under the grey cloud , with low cloud clinging to the tree tops it looked really magical.
 Anna and Vix dug into the shallows for Tua Tua (shell fish) for tea
 Vix got freaked out by what else may be hiding in the sand!
 So we fished and searched for muscles.


So moody!

Are these big enough?

This place was so beautiful

The next day (after a seafood feast) we went river swimming in crystal clear water.  It was the most amazing swim i have had to date.

well i did say clear water- see for yourself.  The best thing was the Bush all around and the sound of birds in the trees.

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