Tuesday, February 1, 2011

D'Urville Island New Years Eve 2010

After a long flight from LA-Auckland-Wellington-Picton, we finally arrived to see Emma, Paul, Phoenix, Bridget, Neil and Niamh.  The flight from Wellington to Picton was on this ridiculous plane but the views across the Cook Strait and into Picton were amazing- what a flight!
 Sam was LOVING seeing his family and relaxing. It was a great Welcoming party.
 We took a stroll along Picton seafront where Sam and Emma used to play in the playground and on the train. A big thanks to Sam's family who all chipped in to get a gorgeous apartment with harbour views for our first night back in NZ.

It was a short stay and off to D'Urville the next day for NYE. This was the view from the house we all rented......amazing!  These are Sam's skin coloured swimmers-vile!Alot of fun and beer was had by all.
 Prue, Dennis, Davo and Sam enjoying a well earned beer in the sun.
 Evening dinner out on the deck after scouting for sting rey and watching the pod of dolphins swim across our bay.  We are eating a fish curry made with the Gurnard, Snapper and Teraki that we caught in the bay from sea kayaks.

It was a great NYE - thanks guys for all the organising!

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