Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Batch, Marlborough Sounds

Emma and Paul came to visit, with Finlay (Pauls son) at the batch where we had a great few days with Sue (Sam's mum) and Gary her husband. Paul brought his boat "exauhsted" along too.... oh the fun!
 Paul and Finlay are very alike- they even drink in sync.
 How many years since they have been in the same place? Sue was thrilled to have her babies together!
 Oh and the view from the batch when you wash up.... not bad hey?
 We arrived in Marlborough just after a crazy storm that washed loads of drift wood onto the shore. It looked mad.
 And then we visited Emma and Paul in Nelson. This is Sam on Tahunanui Beach in the city.  We love Nelson and if we could get jobs here we would stay...maybe one day!
 Me and Sue then had a committee meeting in Emma's garden to make arrangements for Emma's wedding.  That is tea in the cup, honest!
 And more Tahuna beach photo's.  Emma, Paul and Phoenix are so lucky living here.
 Two suspects here, Sam caught up with Jim and Anna at Tom Gillans place one night in Nelson.
 Meanwhile Sue was at home sewing things for the wedding at Emma's house.
 and there was lots to get ready!
 Including the beach.  Sam's dad, Neil and Sam made this sculpture for Emma and Paul's beach wedding which was on Rabbit Island between Nelson and Marpua.

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