Monday, April 11, 2011

Waihikie Island NZ

Sorry that it has taken so long, but we have been without the internet since our arrival.  We have a new flat, new jobs and the internet at long last!! Before we left we went to visit friends who live on Waihikie Island ( a small island off off the mainland of Auckland).  It was more stunning than we imagined and we had great company in Jess and the Dr.  So, there was some drinking....  and obviously that meant wearing hats!

We also headed out into the bush

  to hunt rabbits in the vineyards.... the scenery was amazing and it was a real taste of rural life  (sorry vegetarians!!!). Nice Rabbit impression Sam!

 Rob and Sam quietly stalk the rabbits through the vineyard
 Jess is there to provide Wellington chic and advice

.Then Sam had a out!

.Then we walked along one of the beaches as the sun came down, looking for seafood on the beach.  It was just amazing...even though we hit the island in the middle of a storm.


Then we left back to say goodbye to Sue and Gary....

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